Thank you so much for considering being a sponsor for the 2022 TEDPA Conference! Being a sponsor is a great opportunity to share the latest and greatest solutions you can offer to equipment distribution programs throughout the nation. Share technology and updates through our online forum throughout the year and meet with the members personally at the annual TEDPA Conference. Attending the TEDPA Conference will allow you to showcase brand-new products, obtain feedback on proposed and legacy products, and gain advice and suggestions on equipment from the state's consumers.

Use the links below to access the sponsor packet and registration form for the conference. Please do not request edit access. Instead, download the documents by navigating to File > Download after clicking on the button below. If you cannot access them, email us and we will send it to you.

If you need any of the forms in an alternative format for accessibility, please email us using the button located at the bottom of this page.

We request that you fully read the documents provided and FAQs before contacting us.

You may find that your questions will be answered in the packet or in the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do I register?

TEDPA does not have an online registration form at this time. Please complete the above form and email it to the contact listed on it. The treasurer will respond with an invoice if you would like to pay online. Invoices for checks are provided via email with a paid stamp after checks have been received.

When is the deadline to register?

May 31st, 2022.

Can I pay online?

Yes, we can receive payment through a credit card or ACH. If you choose one of these methods, a fee will be added to your invoice, 3% and 1% respectively. To request an online invoice, send the registration form to the treasurer (e-mail is listed on the form) and they will respond with an invoice.

What is the cost of an extra attendee?

You have a set amount of attendees included at your sponsorship level. If you need to bring more people than what you are allotted, you can pay the extra attendee cost, which is $600. Please be sure to include the extra attendee on your registration form so we can bill you appropriately.

Can I pay for one of the smaller sponsorships and still get a booth?

No, this is a perk of one of the sponsorship levels of Bronze, Silver, or Gold

Why is your remittance address different from your organization's address?

TEDPA's official address is in Maryland. However, the elected treasurer can be from any of the member states. When you send checks to the treasurer to process, you are sending them to the state where they are located.

Can you send me a W-9?

Use this link to download our W-9

What are the table sizes for the booth?

Gold sponsors will receive two 8 ft. tables, Silver will receive one 8 ft. table, and Bronze will receive one 6 ft. table.

What COVID precautions are you taking for the conference?

It is outlined in the packet on page 5.